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3 Tips to Help Combat Seasonal Depression / Time Change Slump

As the weather gets colder and the clocks “fall back” we can tend to get stuck in a slow moving seasonal slump, especially when you live alone. And, of course, 2020 is even worse as we combine that feeling with quarantining for COVID-19. Yikes!

We all struggle, from time to time, with that winter blah feeling, so we thought we’d share a few of our favorite tips to help brighten your day this season.

Read your Bible

First and foremost, getting into the scripture can restore hope in our hearts and reassure us that we are not alone. God is always right beside you and sometimes that’s all you need. I often have full conversations with God as if He were sitting next to me. It’s most often in the car when I’m driving, but any time you can pour your heart out to God, just know He is listening.

Get out of the House

Sure, we are supposed to quarantine and be cautious. And it might be getting a bit chilly where you are, but it is important to get out and enjoy the sunlight! It’s so incredibly helpful when combating seasonal depression to take a brisk walk, a Sunday drive or bike ride. Let the sun shine on your face, even if you’re in a warm jacket sitting on your patio. Get out and get some fresh air – it can help!

Hang out with Friends

Whether you stay in or go out with friends, it can help! You could go out to eat with a small group and support a local business, invite them to your place for a cocktail and snacks or even schedule a Wine Zoom Call! Pour your favorite glass and get your computer screen ready! It’s important to get together with the people who make you laugh and feel good. LAUGHTER really is the best medicine.

No matter what you might be feeling during this difficult time as the days get shorter and colder, just know there is always a brighter tomorrow! You can get through it.

According to a recent report, this year alone thousands of Americans have called a 24/7 COVID-19 prayer line started by the Charlotte-based Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said President and CEO Franklin Graham. If you feel troubled, depressed, or just want someone to pray with you, we encourage you to call their prayer line at: 1-888-388-2683.

Just know that you are loved. That’s all I have for now.


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