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Building up the Women Around You

It just makes common sense that women should support other women. That’s who we are, or at least, who we should be. Building up the women in your workplace, your colleagues, friends and family is a crucial component of creating and encouraging a culture that values and respects women, not only in the workplace, but in society as a whole. It has to start with us supporting each other before we can expect anyone else to support us.

It’s a pretty simple philosophy here.... you know, The Golden Rule - “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Sure, we live in a world where we are constantly compared to other women. It’s easy to see the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and get upset because we feel like that isn’t a real representation of the everyday woman. It’s important to hold back those feelings of frustration or jealousy when posting or commenting online because it’s just nonsense and doesn't move the needle forward. It seems lately that we're contradicting ourselves as a society. We want acceptance and tolerance of each other, but we're not willing to give the same in return?

We need to congratulate each other on our successes and encourage one another to get up and try again when we fail. It makes me feel good to encourage my peers and colleagues! I get a sense of encouragement myself from just doing that. So, let’s do more of that, why don’t we?

We need to squash the days of women tearing other women down and start supporting each other. Take the recent Kelly Clarkson fan who posted negatively about her stepping in to be a judge on AGT to help Simon Cowell, who broke his back in a bike accident.

Really? It’s just unnecessary and such a waste of energy. So, I dare you to make a true conscious effort, on a daily basis, to support the deserving women around you. Let’s pay it forward each day.

Here are a few ways we can encourage each other each day:

  1. Comment something positive on their social media posts.

  2. Send a positive text to encourage someone. Try connecting with one person a day. Just a simple text will do. “Hey friend, hope you are well! I’m thinking about you and want to encourage you today!”

  3. Interact with their business (make a purchase, comment on Yelp, make a recommendation or sign up for their newsletter).

  4. Send a handwritten note in the mail. Yep, this trend is coming back!

  5. Pick up the phone and call them to check in to see how they’re doing

Sure, it sounds so basic, but we don't do it. Why not try harder? It is so important that we give meaningful and authentic encouragement. After all, let’s remember that we are on the same team and we need to stand up for one another. You never know what she’s already been through, so let’s lift each other up.

Well, that’s all for now!

Thanks to Lizzi Riordan for her assistance with this blog post!


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