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Cheers to New Year’s Resolutions

by Tresa Halbrooks

As the New Year approaches, many start having conversations about New Year's Resolutions. As we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, it doesn’t really feel like the new year is necessarily a fresh start, but it is the turning of the page and a reminder that the future is yet to come. With that in mind, many people start making resolutions and thinking about what they want to accomplish in the new year. And, as we’ve all experienced, many of these resolutions fall by the waste side as the weeks and months go along. As you think about what you want out of 2022, here are some tips that will help you stick to your plan. It's easier said than done, but it's a start. And, as I say often, life is not a tattoo. If you don’t like it, change it.

  1. Resolutions are long-term projects. Resolutions should be long-term, manageable projects that you can undertake. A “quick fix” should be added to a to-do list rather than your resolutions list. These long-term projects should be an area in which you want to improve or change. Don’t confuse Resolutions with tasks that you need or want to do, but instead think about resolutions as long-term change, progress and improvement.

  2. Keep your list lean. It’s best to stick to a maximum of five resolutions or less. Otherwise, you may stretch yourself too thin. The lengthier your list gets, the more you may procrastinate on starting to complete your resolutions. Resolutions aren’t meant to be a burden in your life but something you look forward to instead. A longer list of resolutions can start to feel like a weight on your shoulders and beginning the new year should be a freeing time for everyone.

  3. Where you are now vs. where you want to be. Like I said before, resolutions are about making sure you are moving in the right direction for progress and improvement. Before making your list, introspection is key to making sure your resolutions are the best fit for your life. It’s ideal to constantly be striving for the best in our lives.

  4. Resolutions are not set in stone. Again, it’s not a tattoo. Life has ups and downs, and your resolutions should fit the chapter of your life you are currently living. It won’t help to stick to a resolution that doesn’t fit with your life six months down the road.

  5. Resolutions can be made all year long. If you’re in a different place in life than you are at the beginning of the year, adding resolutions to the list or taking some out may be what you need to see real change.

These are only a few tips for making New Year’s resolutions, but remember resolutions are not required to ring in the new year. Many people strive for improvement in their lives all year long without making resolutions to do so. Whatever your strategy is, the New Year should be a time for looking forward and, for many, creating a list of resolutions helps. We wish you a very happy New Year!

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Well, that’s all I have for now!

A special thanks to Shalika Oza for her help with this blog post.


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