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Festive Fixes for the Holidays

Do you have family coming in for the holidays? Just the right decor can bring out the holiday cheer in everyone! Sure, you’ve already got your Christmas tree up, but with the holiday quickly approaching, we wanted to share a few last minute festive fixes that will make you look like a superstar this holiday!

Classic Christmas:

You can never go wrong with the classics. Think about incorporating vintage pieces like cheerful signs, frosty snowmen, and jolly Santas inside and/or out. These are great to fill empty space with or make a focal point and easy to do. Add your décor pieces to a coffee table to create a holiday centerpiece or place a greeting sign by your fireplace or front porch. These little touches will create the coziest holiday space for you and your family. Vintage figurines are a classic décor piece that can fit in anyone’s Christmas collection!

The Smell of Christmas:

What does Christmas smell like to you? To me, it’s the aroma of evergreen, but it can be cider cooking on the stovetop or grandma’s delicious apple pie. Try to incorporate all the senses when hosting. Candles are an easy way to fill a room with a holiday scent, but don’t go overboard as many folks are allergic to fragrance. I’d suggest putting a candle in the entryway so it captures them as they walk in. Homemade popery is another great way to achieve wonderful holiday scents. This is also a more natural and organic method like cooking cider on the stove. By using fresh ingredients like cinnamon sticks, cranberries, and oranges, your home will be infused with these natural fragrances. For a simple solution, add cinnamon pinecones to your home for an effortless holiday scent.

The best holiday scents to have around your home this year!

  1. Peppermint/ Candy cane

  2. Gingerbread

  3. Cranberry

  4. Pine

  5. Sugar cookie

  6. Hot Chocolate

  7. Eggnog

  8. Woodfire

Fireplace or Staircase:

Small and awkward spaces can be difficult to decorate. A fireplace or a staircase is a great place to integrate greenery and garland. Add lights to the garland and I suggest pinning your holiday cards across the fireplace or staircase that friends and loved ones have sent. It shows off their card and gives you the personal decor touch. Another option for the stairs includes hanging large bows or bulbs from the garland.

Setting the Dining Table:

The dining table is where the family gathers and eats for the holiday so creating an intimate setting is important. Placing name cards is a great way to make everyone feel special this holiday and a great way to put people together for conversation.

You can stay within a color scheme or just go wild with festive plates, napkins and linens if your budget allows. Plates with designs go great with solid-colored napkins, and solid plates pair perfectly with printed napkins or linens. Under the place settings, add a nice tablecloth or table runner to complement. Depending on how much room is spared, more greenery would make the space even more cozy. Don’t forget to leave room for the wonderful food!

Pro Tip: If you have candles in your centerpiece, be sure they are unscented or even battery operated. You don’t want any distracting scents. Let the fragrance of the meal be the centerpiece.

Merry Christmas from the LEGACY family to your family!

A special thanks to our Fall Associate, Taylor Peach, for her assistance with this blog post!


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