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If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get

I often say “If you don't ask, you don't get." And how true that is. During my career, I've had plenty of examples, but here's one of my favorites.

My senior year at New Mexico State University, I was part of the college chorus group and nominated for the Homecoming court. That year, being my last, it occurred to me that it would be really cool to sing the #NationalAnthem during the Homecoming football game to round out my college experience. When I asked the choir director, I was told that the marching band played the anthem and there was not an opportunity to sing. Hum.... I didn't like that answer, but okay.

A few days later, I noticed the marching band rehearsing in the open field after choir class. I walked over to talk to the band director about singing. During our conversation, he told me they've never had someone sing the anthem, that the band usually just plays it. We talked about why I wanted to do it and he invited me to come out the next day and he'd have a microphone with a speaker to hear me sing with the band. I was so excited. However, I decided not to share the news with anyone until it came to fruition.

I didn't want to jinx it.

The next day, I went to the band rehearsal and sang with the marching band. This was basically my audition. The band director agreed to let me sing the National Anthem for Homecoming. YES! Again, I kept the news to myself.

Not long after, I walked onto the field with the entire Homecoming court. They announced the Homecoming King and Queen (my name wasn't called) and the group began to make their way off the field after that festivities. I stepped away from the lineup and walked out into the middle of the field by myself. I took the microphone from the band director. The marching band was waiting on the opposing sideline. Nobody knew what was happening as this was highly unusual. On my que, I began to sing the National Anthem accompanied by the NMSU marching band. It was absolutely amazing. It brings tears to my eyes thinking back at that moment. It was so special to me.

When I returned to choir class the next week, most of the students were irritated that they were not given any notice about the audition. I explained that there wasn't an open audition. I had created my own opportunity.

"That's not fair," they said.

They were right. Life isn't fair. You have to make your own way in this world. Just because something hasn't been done before, doesn't mean it can't be done. That was such a valuable lesson for me as I was graduating and pursuing a career.

If you don't ask, you don't get. Go for what you want in life and don't be surprised when the answer is YES!

Well, that's all I have for now.

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