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Ladies Night!

Valentine’s Day is upon us and there’s no real need to tell couples how to celebrate. But… let us not forget about Galantine’s Day, which is this Saturday, February 13th that celebrates the important friendship among women.

We are all missing our gal pals, especially right now in the midst of this pandemic. However, just because you are not able to see these women in person does not mean you still cannot celebrate together. So, we’ve come up with some safe and virtual Galantine’s activity ideas for you and favorite women to participate in for the special day!

Plan a Virtual Wine Exchange (or wine tasting): Send out a group message to your gal pals and tell them to message you their favorite wine (within a price point), their preferred selection (red, white, etc.) and their favorite wine store. With this information, notify who will be gifting what wine and to which friend (like a secret Santa exchange). They will need to call the wine shop and place the order for the gifted bottle of wine, pay for it and, we encourage you to get creative and make the exchange personal by including a sweet note or sweet treat. Then the friends can pick up their gifted wine at their local wine store. Once everyone picks up their bottle of wine and meet on zoom for a virtual wine tasting and conversation. You’ll be trying something new and having fun catching up.

Host a Virtual Netflix Party:

The Netflix Party feature has become very popular over this past year and we are in love with it. If you are not familiar with it, Netflix offers a tool that lets you watch the same movie or TV show at the same time as your online friends. Plan a time to all meet on Netflix and watch a favorite film together. You can even use the chat box while watching. Maybe choose a rom-com or even favorite female power movie! The possibilities are endless.

Disney +, Hulu and many other platforms also offer this feature!

Bake it on Zoom: Chat with your favorite gal pals and decide on a recipe to all bake together while on zoom. Cookies, cakes or any treats will do. What says holidays like a messy kitchen and yummy sweets?

Virtual Book Club: Come to consensus with your friends and choose a book to all read together on zoom. Or, have everyone read a few chapters before the big day and discuss your thoughts on it when you all meet.

Spa Day on Zoom: Pamper yourself while chatting with your girlfriends on zoom who will be doing the same. Gather together some of your favorite face masks and maybe some nail polish. Give yourself the self-care you deserve while in the comfort of your own home and in the presence of your besties. I sure miss seeing mine!

This Galantine’s Day let your favorite women in your life know they are loved and cherished.

Celebrating the importance of female bonds and friendships is what this day is all about, whether it is in person or through a computer! Let’s celebrate you, ladies!

A special thanks to Alex Withey for her help with this blog post.


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