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Standing Out at Work

You are a successful young professional and you make sure that it shows in your work. You show up on time, never miss a deadline; you work hard, and you are dedicated to the tasks given to you. Your career is important to you and it’s something you work to be proud of while trying to impress the boss. Sound familiar?

While every industry is competitive, the key to succeeding in yours is to not only complete the tasks at hand and what’s expected of you, but to excel in the ones that aren’t. Do more than what’s expected. Find ways to help your company succeed that wasn’t asked of you.

Here are some habits that will help you stand out at work.

Make Connections Outside of Your Team

While being able to work well with your direct co-workers is important and crucial to your success, connecting with colleagues who are not in your direct department is just as important. Outside connections can give you a leg up when learning new skills or seeking a promotion. Networking is more important now than ever. Be helpful, friendly, and willing to help others when there is no direct benefit to you. The pay it forward concept applies in the workplace. So enjoy knowing that your friendliness is appreciated and that important and authentic friendships can come from it.

Be Known for a Specific Strength

What’s your personal brand? We all know a “go-to” person for a specific topic, you know, the one you ask when you have a specific problem you need solved? Figure out what your strength is that is helpful to your department or the entire company and let it be known that you’re available to help others. It may be your superior computer knowledge, photography or graphic design. By being known as the go-to person on a specific topic, you’ll establish your personal brand in the company and increase your confidence as a team player.

Recognize When Co-Workers Need Help

Being a good co-worker and a great team player is essential to your success and standing out at work. If your co-workers know you as a hard worker, that is your reputation in the office. Being there when they need help, or even predicting when they may need help will not only assist them but bring attention to your willingness to be a real team player. So how do you know if a co-worker needs help? You get to know them. You ask them how their projects are going and if there’s anything you can do to assist them. You network, listen and care.

Over Deliver

As the saying goes… under promise and over deliver. To really shine in the workplace, you should try to go above and beyond on your tasks. That doesn’t mean you need to overwhelm yourself with six new projects and assisting on three to get noticed. But you can take the assignments you already have and complete them to the next step, add more research, come up with more options, whatever you can to make the project that much better.

Be Willing to Learn

There's nothing a company likes more than someone who is not only dedicated to their work and their team, but is willing to learn how to do new things. You may be successful in your current role, but there’s always different skill sets and programs that you can master. Taking initiative to enhance your skill set will help you advance in your current job and strengthen you for your next.

As a business owner and CEO, these are definitely traits that make a lasting impression on me. So I hope these tips will help you achieve more recognition and success in your career and work life.

Well, that’s all I have for now.

Thank you to Emily McWilliams who assisted with this blog post.


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