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Standing Out with Purpose

I love to walk in the mornings before my day gets crazy with business calls, Zoom meetings and such. I enjoy my morning walks because it allows me time to listen to my favorite pastor (Allen Jackson), or podcast (Touched by Heaven) with inspirational messages that fuels me for the day. It also allows me time with God in prayer. And it’s usually the same scenery – green landscape, rolling Tennessee hills and a water feature along the walking path. It’s beautiful and so serene.

But I recently saw something slightly out of place in nature on my walk recently and I just stood there taking it in. It was beautiful but odd. I noticed a single tree with all the leaves that had already turned fully orange in anticipation of fall season. Fall is my favorite time of year with the leaves changing colors and the crisp, cool air. But Tennessee doesn't usually turn colors until late October or early November, so it was unusual to see a tree that had turned so early. In fact, no other trees around it had turned, just this one. And it got me to thinking as I stood there looking at it. I suppose I got a little philosophical, with the idea of looking at the bigger picture. I thought about what this tree represented... to me at least:

This tree stood out. This tree knew its purpose and realized it much sooner than the rest. This tree had a God-given purpose and it wasn’t going to wait for the others. This tree was unique. This tree was a leader. The others will surely follow in their own time.

I looked around at the full landscape and it just struck me. We should all want to be more like this tree for all the reasons I mention above. We should want to realize our full potential sooner rather than later and lead others. What an incredible world we would live in if we had more people willing to lead us in the right direction sooner than expected. We should all strive for that.

So many people walk by this tree and I don’t know if they’ve even noticed it. But I did. I stopped and observed something profound and unexpected in nature. And that makes me wonder if this tree was meant for me.

Well, that's all I have for now.

Many blessings,

TREE-sa :)


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