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Super Bowl LIV - It's Time to Party!

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events of the year and that means – Super Bowl Watch Party! As an award-winning event producer, who spent over a decade working in the NFL planning various events, I’m often asked about sharing some easy tips that can help my friends plan their tailgate party like a pro.

First, be sure to check out my article about how to host the Ultimate Watch Party for a laundry list of things that apply to ANY watch party. As for hosting your own Super Bowl party, here are a few fun, simple things that I like to do as I get ready to watch the greatest game on turf with my friends!

The Invite:

There are many options for invitations, but a fun and unique idea for a Super Bowl Party invitation is to create an invite that looks like an actual game ticket to Super Bowl LIV. This can be a great way to commemorate the event!

See more ideas are linked here!


Since both teams playing in the Super Bowl this year have a primary color of RED, that’s a no brainer for your decor color. The small details can make a big difference in your décor.

I like using these simple mason jars for decorations throughout the food table to bring in the football theme. I’ll also use my serving platters and dishes like these as décor.

If you need extra serving dishes, make sure to check out places like Dollar Tree or Family Dollar. They usually have some great platters that are extremely affordable. I always check out the dishware aisle to find glasses and dishes before parties, especially if you plan to paint or decorate them.

What to Serve: Food & Drinks

Since the game is right at dinner time, I will be serving my guests a dinner size meal buffet style. It’s a long game and I personally find it to be easier to prep one main meal instead of a ton of different snacks, but that’s up to you. One of my favorite recipes is Sweet Potato Chili, along with a nacho bar. I set it up as a buffet so guests can serve themselves and customize the bowl as they like.

Main Meal:

Turkey & Sweet Potato Chili (BEST Crock-Pot recipe Here)

- Cornbread

- Toppings:

- Cheddar Cheese

- Sour Cream

* Substitute 0% Fage Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for a lighter calorie count

- Avocado

- Onions

Nacho Bar (keep in mind you can use some of these same toppings if you display it as a toppings bar)

- Tortilla chips

- Cheese Dip or Queso Dip

* I use Velveeta mixed with a can of diced Fire Roasted Tomatoes (heated in microwave and then placed in a small Crock-Pot to keep warm)

- Black Beans

- Salsa

- Sour Cream

- Guacamole

- Jalapenos

- Chopped Onions

- Chopped Baby Spinach (in case my guests prefer to make a taco salad instead of nachos)

And yes, many folks put the chili as a topping on their nachos or salad.

Other Snacks:

- Fruit and cheese plate with yogurt dip

- Veggie Platter with ranch dip

- Popcorn (see fun recipe below)

- Mixed nuts

If you want to have the party catered to make it even easier, Chicken wings or BBQ would be my top choices. I love doing a catering order with Martin’s BBQ or Buffalo Wild Wings.


I like to do a snacky treat and a real treat. For this party, I’m doing a custom themed cookie and popcorn! Not just any popcorn though. I’ll add in a few things to make it fancy and the perfect salty + sweet combo.

You can put the popcorn (or chips, other snacks) in brown paper bag so guests can carry into the living room to watch the game.

Game Day Popcorn:

- Popcorn

- Candy – M&Ms (green and brown only)

- Melted white chocolate

Spread out the popcorn on wax paper, then add in the M&Ms and drizzle the white chocolate over the popcorn and candy. Let it sit for 10–15 minutes until the chocolate is hard and put it in a bowl! It’s the perfect sweet and salty treat to add to a snack table.

Custom cookies from a local bakery are my favorite dessert to add to this type of party. They double as décor and taste delicious! Sugar Drop is my go-to in the Nashville area for custom cookies, treats, etc., but if you don’t have a bakery around you, some bakeries will ship to you!


Make sure to have a stocked bar. For the Super Bowl, I always have a cooler stocked full of ice, beer assortment and waters. But I love having a Signature Cocktail, for any gathering, to serve my guests. Plus, I always make sure to have non-alcoholic drink options too, after all, it is on a Sunday night.

You can make the signature drink in advance as a large batch and then top off with the Tecate when you serve to guests that night. My Signature Cocktail for this year’s Super Bowl is a “Red Vespa” to coordinate with my décor color.

Signature Cocktail: Super Bowl “Red Vespa”

· 1 oz Contratto

· 0.5 oz sweet Vermouth

· 0.5 oz dry Vermouth

· 1 can of Tecate

Instructions: Add contralto and the sweet and dry vermouth to an ice-filled highball glass. Top with Tecate and garnish with an orange slice.

Here is a long list of other cocktail options - 26 Cocktail Recipes to Make at Your Super Bowl Party

Don’t forget to decorate the bar too. I love to use galvanized buckets to display the drinks. Target has a good bucket, or you can go to Dollar Tree and DIY one. Add in cups plus ice and mixers to the bar so you guests can make whatever they want.

Games within the Game:

The big game is on, but are you watching the football or the commercials? It depends on who’s playing for me. I want to make the game fun though because you never know if it will be a good game or just a complete blow out.

I will have two games for the party – one for the commercials and one for the actual game. We’ll do Bingo and Square. This will keep everyone entertained through the night no matter what is happening with the game. The winner will get a nice bottle of wine and a gift card to Academy Sports!

Check out our Pinterest for more food and décor ideas.

For more fun tips, check out the host of New York Live, Sara Gore, who shared some ideas on the TODAY show.

Well, that’s all I have for now.

Enjoy the game and I’ll be rooting for the team in RED!


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