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And the Oscar Goes to...

Tis' the season for award television! We've watched the Golden Globes, Grammys, Super Bowl and now the Oscars. And it's another reason to gather around the TV to watch Hollywood's biggest night. So, you want to host like a pro?

As an award-winning event producer, I’ve been honored to plan some of Nashville’s most prestigious events and I’d like to share a few easy tips that can help any DIY host entertain like a pro. Throwing a glamorous Oscar soiree doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Here are some key elements that will help you bring the style, theme and glamour into your living room for your own Ultimate Watch Party.

The Invitation

I feel like a broken record, but as you know, the invite sets the tone of the party. The invitation should be visual and convey the theme that you are going with. For an Oscar party, I recommend that you stick to the obvious color scheme of black, white, red and gold. In the invitation make sure the information is clear and concise to include all the details with date, time, address, parking, attire and what they can expect. Be sure to include the information about the Oscar Party Challenge and any other games or items to bring to the party. has a great arrangement of Oscar invitations, games and décor packages that are ideal for the DIY party planner.

The Décor

This is the fun part! I suggest that you stay with the theme established in your invitation and look for décor that brings the glamour of Hollywood movies into your home. You’ll want to carry the theme throughout all aspects of the party. Make sure each room that guests will be in has a hint of Hollywood glamour. Below are some of my décor ideas for a great Hollywood themed Oscar night. You can find décor at Party City, Amazon or Etsy by searching for Hollywood party themes or Oscar party themed event décor

Red Carpet and Backdrop – This is a fun detail to add to any Oscar party. Guests can show off their style and festive attire on the red carpet as they walk in your door. Add a photo booth or photo backdrop for guests to capture the party on social media. This is an ideal background for your own Oscar Party Challenge or Oscar Bingo winners at the end of the night. You can purchase a red carpet and additional supplies at Party City or Amazon.

Polaroid Camera – This is a fun “throwback” way to capture moments throughout the evening and it can serve as a great take home souvenir for guests to commemorate the evening. You may want to have guests take photos throughout the night at the commercial breaks to capture the evening. Target has an updated version of this throwback camera.

Popcorn Flowers and Film Wrapped Votive Candles – It’s important to add fun accents to the Hollywood theme. A few ways to add unique themed accents is through carnation flowers (white and yellow mixed) arranged in popcorn boxes. Another idea is to wrap votive candle holders with camera film and use battery operated votive candles to avoid the heat of a real candle flame melting the film. This is a great way to pull the theme into other rooms like the entry way and guest bathroom with the themed flowers and candles. You can also provide your guests with Hollywood movie style napkins (dinner-sized) in the bathroom in place of a common hand towel.

Black and White Movie Poster Display – You can ask your guests to print out and bring a photo from their favorite movie. This allows guests to be part of the decorating process and adds a personal touch to the celebration. For a fun activity during the commercial break, ask guests to identify which movie picture they think corresponds to each guest.

What to Serve: Food and Drinks

A decorative buffet is always recommended for a watch party. It makes it easy for guests to graze at their leisure. A heavy Hors d’oeuvres buffet with elegant décor, desserts and drinks is the best option. You will want to check with guests beforehand to see if there are any dietary restrictions or allergies prior to selecting your menu. You will want to be creative with your presentation, dishes and buffet decor. Continue your color scheme with your dinnerware and add fun accents to your food buffet and drinks.

On the buffet:

*Recipes linked with each item.

Other themed items I love: adding mini bowties to wine glasses, tuxedo wrapped hot dogs, Oscar style cupcakes and chocolate tuxedo strawberries.

It’s always fun to offer a themed cocktail for your party. This article offers a variety of options and recipes that fits your personality and style: 25 Oscar Themed Cocktail Recipes in Town & Country Magazine

One of our favorite themed cocktails listed in the article is called “Oscars Night.”

· 2 oz Cognac

· 1 oz Cointreau Noir Orange Liqueur

· ½ oz lemon juice

· ½ oz simple syrup

Instructions: Mix all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a coupe.

Create a Challenge

You can bring out the competitive side in your guests by encouraging them to participate in a Super Bowl Pick or Oscars Bingo. Your guests can pick their predicted winners online prior to arriving at the party. Once all the awards are given out, the guest who predicted the most winners can get their own award or Oscar trophy. You can purchase mini Oscars and party favor gifts on Amazon. Etsy also has some fun Oscar Party Bingo game sets available for purchase to keep the fun going throughout the night. At the end of the evening, be sure to award your winners with fun prizes, gift certificates or a bottle of Champagne. Be sure to take photos of your winning guests for social media.

With these fun and easy tips for a glamorous Oscar Watch Party, Hollywood’s biggest night will be your time to shine.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Enjoy!


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