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Workspace Essentials

It’s likely that you have some of my favorite workspace essentials at your desk, but maybe not all of these. Now that so many are working from home or remotely, it’s important to stay organized, comfortable and ready to take on the day. Sure, you all have a computer or laptop, a lamp, pens and pencils, but everyone has those few random items that make their life easier or better.

Here are a few things that you might want to consider adding to your workspace essentials whether you’re at home or in a corporate office.

1. Blue Light Glasses

Wearing them reduces eye strain, headaches, and helps with glares.

2. A Laptop Stand

Having a laptop stand helps to angle your computer in order to reduce glaring and eye strain. It also can raise the webcam to a better angle for video calls. This is huge! So many Zoom calls show a camera angle from underneath your chin and it’s not a good look for anyone! It also comes with extra storage and charging ports.

3. Soundproof Headphones

Having soundproof headphones helps to keep you focused and not distracted by things happening around you. They also can improve audio quality on video calls.

4. Notepad to Jot Things Down On

Having a random notepad lying around is so helpful because when you are on the phone and someone tells you important information you can quickly write it down instead of looking for somewhere to write it down and missing half of the sentence and having to ask them to repeat it. Keeping a pen and paper handy at all times will make it easier to keep up with your daily tasks as well.

5. Reusable Water Bottle

Whether you are in the office or still working from home, having a reusable water bottle helps reduce waste and it’s convenient. It gives you the confidence that you can always have something to drink and is a fun way to express yourself at your desk since there are so many different types and patterns. Plus, most reusable cups have insulation to keep your drink hot/cold longer.

6. Heating Pad or Blanket

You never know how cold it is going to be in your office or if you might get a backache, so it’s always a good idea to keep a heating pad around. Blankets can be more useful in a situation where you can’t plug in or microwave your heating pad.

7. Gum or Mints

Having gum or mints can help you concentrate, but it can also help you out if you have coffee breath before a meeting or your lunch has an interesting smell and your co-worker comes over to your desk to talk about something.

8. Calendar

A physical calendar (printed – not online) at your desk ensures that you won’t forget something you had planned that day and it just helps you stay all around organized. You’ll never get the date wrong on important documents!

9. A Set of Silverware

This is good for the environment but also just convenient for when you bring your lunch or just forget to grab a set from the cafeteria at work.

10. A Small Mirror

Whether you have a virtual meeting or an in person one it is important to look your best and having a mirror at your desk ensures you look ready to go up until the last minute without having to run to the restroom.

11. Fan / Heater

Sometimes you get too hot or too cold and can’t control the temperature in the entire office, so having a small fan and heater can help fix the temperature in your little area.

12. Personal Photos

Having personal photos on your desk is a nice reminder of who you are working for and encouragement to finish the day and get home to them. It makes work feel a little more like home.

13. Plants / Flowers

Having plants and flowers on your desk can help boost your mood and promote a less stressful work environment. I like to go to the grocery store and pick up some flowers for my desk that put me in a good mood. You might consider doing this on Monday at lunch and then enjoy them for the week.

Sure, some of these items are not technically necessary to help you do your job, but they do make your work life a lot more enjoyable.

Well, that’s all I have for now!

Thanks to Katherine Perry for her assistance with this blog.


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